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Re: What Are You Wearing?

Why witches fly wrote: View Post
That's pretty awesome!
thestrangledcorpse wrote: View Post
Dayamn, boy.
Kreacher wrote: View Post
Cool! Very, very cool!
Thank you, ladies.

enecsevaR noiZ wrote: View Post
I don't think that's too short at all, although with the impressively sized sporran I can see why people might suggest it's a little short.
Another perspective is that the sporran is reasonably sized, and I'm a really tiny guy compared with the usual Scottish measurements. Also, I think the skean dhu might be illegal to carry around here...

thestrangledcorpse wrote: View Post
(I do have some amazing earrings, though: silver TARDISes, silver fibonacci spirals, Scrabble tile WTF/OMG earrings, etc).
That's pretty awesome.

Bork! wrote: View Post
Thanks! I did look for a while on the site I ordered from before settling on the Douglas tartan. It really is perfectly in my color set.
I was wondering which tartan was it. I got the Macleod, for no reason but that I am a huge nerd!

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Ain't I just a dashing bastard?
You look ready for a healthy dose of pillaging and plundering!
Scientist. Gentleman. Teacher. Fighter. Lover. Father.
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