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Re: Starfleet Procurement Policy Draft

Loving the new stuff, Nob. I agree that your treatise on nacelles and hull geometry are my new standards, as well as the weapons.

I am surprised you thought your weapons section would be controversial - the only thing I found myself disagreeing with was the notion that there are internal hull segments on ships with old-style "ball turrets." Does that mean you think there's an array under the hull? If so, why not just have ball turrets built with newer tech? I do agree with your assertion about why arrays are better and the role hull structure has to play in it.

I also really like what you have to say about the Miranda. To my thinking, each time a new generation of starship/tech is released, there's always a prototype that attempts to evaluate the validity of newer tech on the older design, making itself a pattern for future class refits. I think you've more or less done the same.

Again, fantastic work as always.
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