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Re: Starfleet Procurement Policy Draft

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Response to "Geometric Complexity: Warp Nacelle Combinations"

Good explainations, Nob.

Here's my view on those subjects:

Regarding the hull configuration:

She may be built for combat so a neck would be a weak point (the USS Odyssey was rammed into the neck I think).
Interesting theory, however the Odyssey was rammed in the engineering hull and the debris bounced into the starboard nacelle.

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The Defiant, as we know, has severe problems with warp speeds higher than warp 9. This could be explained by the absence of a neck, meaning that the boundary of the field lobes runs straight through the ship resulting in a highly unstable warp field that stresses the hull tremendously. Only an extremely powerful propulsion system (as we know from dialogue she has) could make her fast enough.
O'BRIEN: What sort of design flaws?
SISKO: You'll have complete access to the ship evaluation reports but to put it simply, it's overgunned and overpowered for a ship its size. During battle drills, it nearly tore itself apart when the engines were tested at full capacity.
It might be the opposite, where a lower-powered propulsion system could make her fast and not tear herself apart (we've seen small, low-powered ships hit high warp speeds like the Delta Flyer.) The Defiant's extra powerful power systems OTOH comes with a penalty of overstressing the ship.

On the subject of X number of nacelles -has there been any dialogue in the different series to indicate an advantage of one over the other?
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