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Re: Star Trek: TMP questions and observations

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ST:TMP was one of the last motion pictures to come with an overture attached to the front of the first reel. In the good ol' days, trailers were at the end of a movie (trailing it) and overtures were played as people took their seats, played over the curtain, which then opened to show the screen for the beginning of the film.
That's interesting to know. I must've perceived it differently, as I originally saw TMP at the *gulp* drive-in!

Still, Ilia's theme seems odd to me. A "Kirk" or "Spock" or "Enterprise" theme would seem apt. I could be biased, though: who waited ten years for new Star Trek to see some bald chick they'd never heard about?*

Funny thing with Ilia, for all she was promoted, she was pretty thin soup as a character. In fact, her exchange with Decker in the movie is pretty much (to me anyway) no different than the Chekov/Irina exchange in The Way to Eden! I'll have to do a side-by-side comparison view of those!

*Bear in mind these were my reactions from 30 years ago!
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