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Re: Movie Caption Contest #238: Tension

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Kirk: "-and it just wasn't the same after Peter Gabriel left."

Kamarag: "YOU FOOL! I meant his other Genesis vlog!"
This one has my vote for best caption!

Ambassador: 23rd Century and we're still using Powerpoint? And, oh, no, he's embedded a video. C'mon, where's the holographic projector?

Kirk: Bad time to ask for a threesome, huh? Well, it was worth a shot...

Trill: Sir, we're not going to last much longer.

Riker: Damn it, that's twice in a row Picard has left me in charge and I've gotten the ship blown to pieces. You know what the worst part of it will be...the speeches I'll have to sit through..."You know, Number One, being a starship captain is a heavy responsibility..." Kill me now!
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