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Re: Thoughts on Season 5

"Timeless" is admirable, but Garret Wang just isn't an interesting enough actor to carry something like this. He just comes across as flat. It's nice that the writers tried giving Kim something worthwhile, still.

"Nothing Human" would have been much better had Torres been immobilized by something that the Cardassian doc did experiment on, thus the whole issue of a using solution that was found by immoral experimentation would have more of a kick to it. Instead, it's the idea of a notorious Cardie helping and that's what freaks many. However, he's a hologram. Everyone should be aware it's not the real infamous cardie. I also disagree with the Doc in the end about deleting all the data. Sure, the way all the info came was through really horrible experimentation, but I'm a firm believer in making something good out of a bad situation. Deleting all the info only means that the lives of those victims were in vain, when you could honor them by doing something right with the info. Don't let them die for nothing.

BTW, lol at the Bajoran officer saying "My God!"
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