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I've seen all of the episodes now and have to admit it's pretty entertaining. Spader is awesome; I agree that Megan Boone isn't as strong as she should be but hopefully she'll get better. Despite under-emoting, there is something likable about her. I really hope Lizzy's husband isn't evil because I like him and he's hot! I hope there's more to the story. I wonder if he could be working for the CIA or something like that? I give the writers kudos for advancing the story each week. I thought she'd sit on it for like half a season before it came up again.

The producers keep saying Lizzy isn't Red's daughter. I wonder if he's responsible for her parents' death or something like that, and feels bad about it? Another reason I doubt the husband is evil: it seems like Red would do something about it.

This is probably the new series I've watched most consistently so far. I've let others build up here and there but I'm always eager to watch a new episode of The Blacklist. So that says something to me!
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