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Re: Avatar: The Last Airbender - A Review

^ The Legend of Korra does seem a little more shaky in comparison but I had no issues with Avatar's Book Three.

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My vote for best animated series ever.
Having just come off the show it is hard to find good contenders.

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This is absolutely one of my favorite shows of all time. I actually just finished rewatching it last week for the fourth or fifth time all the way through.
Your post in the Korra thread was one of the reasons I decided to check it out again. That and I really needed to freshen up on everything.

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Nomadism is probably the most ancient of the four. And it's invalid to assume there's some kind of single "upward" progression in the development of civilizations. Different forms of societal organization are simply more suited for different environments and conditions. There are cases in history where groups which had lived in settled agrarian societies adopted a more tribal existence when their circumstances changed, either because they migrated to a new environment or had the definition imposed on them by civilizations.
Given that we have four elements that exist in progression, I found myself doing that with the nations themselves. As for nomadism being the most ancient, you can argue that, but my thinking was that someday we'll move beyond the excesses of our modern world with its nation states and onto something with more simplicity and mobility. That's why I put that ahead of the nationhood we see with Earth and Fire. The Air Nomads have always struck me as more enlightened, not more primitive.

That takes me to another issue… I'm surprised that they have territory. Given that they're nomads, I'd think that having temples among the other nations' territories would be sufficient and in fitting with their enlightened nomadic nature.

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Also, nomenclature aside, the Fire Nation is just as much a monarchy as the Earth Kingdom.
The Earth Kingdom seems more like early Europe while the Fire Nation seems more like the later British Empire. Similar, but one does feel a little more "advanced" than the other. You can see it if you squint. Although I suppose you could argue that the empire-minded fervor of the Fire Nation is what makes them seem that way.

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[Iroh] stayed with them out of his responsibility to his family, especially Zuko. And to his people whom he loved. The abuses committed by others in the royal family doesn't mean that the people of the Fire Nation weren't worth protecting. I imagine Iroh did his best to be a moderating influence on the family's excesses.
A good way of putting it. I was going to say that Iroh was more of an observer who was there to support Zuko but I decided to leave that out of my initial post.

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One can't read too much into the accents, given that most of the characters have American accents. But it would help to be more specific about whom you're referring to. Episode 11 was the much-reviled "The Great Divide," and I can't think of any "redneck" characters there. The closest thing would be the Zhang tribe and their rather rustic ways, but they were tan-skinned, plus they were named Zhang. And I don't know of anyone in episode 12, "The Storm," who'd fit the bill.
The Great Divide: The Canyon Guide
The Storm: The Fisherman (I think)

I didn't know that "The Great Divide" wasn't well liked. My only problem was that a century seemed too recent for a feud like the one we saw.

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Or maybe previous Avatars didn't train in the North Pole. Maybe Kyoshi trained in the swamp!
I briefly thought of that too.
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