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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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You would think they would let them finish off the arc, or at least finish the issues they had started to work on.
They weren't fired. They quit. They didn't want to change their story so they walked rather than compromise.
I heard about all of that. I was just wondering if something else happened that made them decide to leave early.
Once again, the DC editors made themselves look bad at their New 52 panel at NYCC. Or at least worse then Marvel.
You'd think by now they'd be ready and willing to tackle those kinds of questions.
Maybe I've missed some issue but which characters does this refer to?

The problem became apparent when one fan pointed out that DC had killed off so many of its female/non-straight/ethnically diverse characters recently that it was starting to feel like tokenism to her.
ETA On the subject of women in comics, how does Marvel compare to DC?

For DC off the top of my head
Artist-Nicola Scott, Amanda Connor
Writers-Gail Simone, Christy Marx, Ann Nocenti,
Editorial-Bobbie Chase, Katie Kubert.
Executive-Diane Nelson

DeConnick is the only female I can think of at Marvel. Especially in the big three jobs: Editor, writer and artist. So its great that she speaks up, but is Marvel listening?
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