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Re: Tell me about St. Louis Metro Area

I like St. Louis very much. I lived there for four years (I went to Wash. U. for college) and I was very comfortable there. It has a decent light rail system - which, unfortunately, it didn't have when I was there - and the traffic is not too bad.

Thunder, I know I talk about baseball a lot - maybe too much - but even if you're not a fan, check out a game at Busch Stadium every so often. It's an awesome experience, even if you're not really into baseball. Cardinals fans are some of the best in the business. And it's a very nice ballpark as well.

Also, you might try going up in the Arch, checking out the science center near Forest Park, and see if you can tour the Anheuser-Busch brewery. Union Station is also very nice - especially if you like fudge:

Fun fact: Scott Bakula is from St. Louis. (Specifically, Kirkwood, which is a suburb thereof.)

And I think Steve Mizerany still does the occasional commercial...
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