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Re: UT-TFV: "No Win Scenario"

Gibraltar and CeJay,

Glad you are liking the character work here. Segen is a fun character to write. He just says what's on his mind and he doesn't care about ruffling feathers.


I appreciate the compliments, but let me give credit where it is due. You created the Empress and Captain Erasia and Commander Sheppard. And you were gracious enough to allow me the opportunity to fill out the rest of the crew. It was also your idea to include Empress in "Quality of Mercy" which inspired this story. And less I forget, you also created Nelag.

************************************************** ***************

Ready Room
USS Ariane

Commander Gilma Rhizzo had waited a few hours after concluding her meeting with her staff to call in the security chief. Lt. Zileena stalked into the office, as was the custom of her predacious Zaranite species.

The lithe woman stopped crisply in front of Rhizzo’s desk and stood at attention. The Zakdorn could only imagine the true expression on her subordinate’s face. Like most Zaranites in Class M environs, Zileena wore a breathing mask which obscured her eyes, nose, and mouth. The apparatus provided the vital fluorine Zileena needed to survive.

Without allowing the woman to stand at ease, Rhizzo asked, “Is it ready?”

“Yes Captain,” despite the breather, Zileena’s voice was mellifluous. “But sir, need I remind you that if you proceed upon this course of action it will be in violation of the second Khitomer Accords.”

“No, you don’t,” Rhizzo snapped.

“Sir, abrogation of the Accords and so near to Tholian and Romulan space could have serious repercussions,” Zileena pressed.

“You know as well as I do Zil that our standard weaponry will not stop the Kothlis’Ka,” Rhizzo reasoned.

“Permission to speak freely?” The other woman tightly asked. Gilma toyed with not granting it, but then relented.

“Speak,” she brusquely ordered.

“Captain Erasia said that our mission was not to defeat the armada per se but to impede it, to impel upon it the unwanted costs of continuing on its present course,” the Zaranite security officer said.

“And I don’t see a better way to demonstrate that than to cleave through that armada,” Rhizzo said, “Violence appears to be a language they are at least conversant in.”

“Are you sure that you are doing this to send a message or to avenge the loss of Captain Landau?” Zileena asked, cutting right to the quick, in the best tradition of her hunter ancestors.

Rhizzo didn’t hesitate. “Both. And now you’re dismissed.”
************************************************** **************

Captain's Quarters
USS K’mpec

The two glasses of Altair water sat on the coffee table untouched. The two occupants on the couch facing the table were too engaged in conflicts, external and internal.

“Sir, Command stocked each of our vessels with tricobalt devices,” Lt. Commander Mehita pointed out. “I would think those would be sufficient.”

Captain Tanaka, sitting opposite his new first officer, grimaced as he wrestled with his ethics. “We can’t be certain of that, though we didn’t even have time to use them before the Kothlis’Ka were on us.” He finally said. Similar to Tanaka, Mehita was dressed in civilian clothes. He had called the woman to his domicile after his discussion with Commander Rhizzo. He needed the Ktarian’s counsel.

“And even if we had used them we don’t know if they would’ve been sufficient, especially if we had set them on a lower yield, which is what we are wont to do,” the captain added. The seldom used weapons were extremely dangerous and were even capable of creating subspace tears. However they weren’t specifically created with that goal in mind which made them permissible under the second Khitomer Accords.

“But creating isolytic subspace weapons,” Mehita shook her head, her voice clotting with disbelief. “That would make us no better than the Son’a.” Tanaka’s heart pinched a little as the Ktarian looked at him with baleful yellow eyes, and he saw her losing respect for him.

“To be honest, if the Son’a used those isolytic burst armaments more, they might be winning their war against the Alshain right now,” Tanaka soberly replied.

Mehita’s eyes widened in shock, “Sir I can’t believe you said that.”

“It’s true,” he sadly shook his head, “And you know that is so.”

“Maybe,” she conceded, dipping her head a moment. “But at what cost? Sometimes the price of victory is too high to pay.”

“Well at least you’ll still be alive to agonize over it,” Tanaka rejoined. “The Narcissus crew is not, the same as millions on Hestravar.” He paused, his voice turning colder, “Or Commander Baird and thirteen other crewmen, though I sometimes wonder if the Kothlis’Ka didn’t spare K’mpec to send their own message. I think it’s time we repaid them in kind.”

He was pleased that Mehita took in his words but didn’t back down. “Or we could be making a horrific situation even worse.”

“I already raised the potential fallout with the Tholians and the Romulans to Commander Rhizzo,” Tanaka answered. “She had already considered that.”

“And?” Mehita prodded.

“The commander felt repelling the Kothlis’Ka with a decisive show of force was more important,” the captain replied, “and that the Tholians and Romulans might grumble about our methods but no one would hold us to account if we were successful in stopping the incursion.” He paused again and looked the woman squarely in the eyes, “And I agree with her.”

“I don’t think the other captains would,” Mehita bluntly said, “especially Captain Erasia.”

Tanaka’s smile was wry. “That’s why Rhizzo came to me first.”

“Sir, whether I agree with this action or not, I don’t think it’s right to keep this from the other captains,” Mehita was all business. The captain’s small attempt at levity had sunk like a latinum balloon.

“If this does go badly, the less who know, the less who will have to pay the price for our actions,” Tanaka reasoned.

“You really think the admirals are going to see it that way?” Mehita didn’t hide her skepticism.

“It will be the truth,” Tanaka shrugged, “And I can live with that.”

Mehita shook her head again, “I wonder if you will be so sanguine once this is over.”
************************************************** ****************

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