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Re: New Aliens for a New Trek?

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That's interesting. I think I missed a lot of this by not being super into the Dominion War arc... though I found Garok, Dukat and Damar all to be interesting characters, and I do 'like' -- not quite the right word -- the Cardassian interrogator we meet in the "There! Are! Four! Lights!" episode of TNG. I had the general impression that the Cardassians became rather like what the Klingons might have become if the franchise had taken up Ford's ideas about them.
One of the details I adored was how Dr. Bashir found Cardassian mystery novels boring--everyone was always guilty. But Garak insisted that was the point, determining the degree of guilt in each case.

The Tymbrimi! Wow, I'd forgotten all about them, haven't read those books in ages. Lots of interesting alien-race ideas in them, even if I was never quite sold on the setting's premise (which was nevertheless an interesting solution to the "where are all the ancient alien empires" problem). So there is some precedent, though I think what I have in mind is a bit on the darker side than what Brin goes for.
I kinda got that impression.

As for the post-Imperium and-disaster history and species outline that you posit, I think it's the kind of thing that could be used to add some "oomph" to an existing species. Think how much more interesting that kind of leavening would make, say, the Deltans. (I'm kind of joking about the Deltans... or am I?)
I'm totally fine with that!

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If there is to be another Empire, I would like to see it be composed of a dozen or so species. Not one ruling species and eleven second class associates (dominion), but have them all be up front.

With some federation/Starfleet people, have some of them be old enemies, perhaps from centuries past. Old bad blood.
Yep, that's the kind of tension I was thinking.

Like to see some Starfleet people who were outside the normal range in terms of size. Children with makeup and a voice over to appear as adults would be one way to do this. Have the turbolift doors open and a seven foot tall officer briefly ducks to exit onto the bridge.
I like it! The kind of parts Michael Dunn and Ted Cassidy used to get!
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