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Re: Thoughts on Season 5

"Timeless" - this was sort of "Generations" meets "Yesterday's Enterprise," only not as nearly good as either. And what was up with Harry Kim's deeper voice? I understand things changed for him, but his voice? I guess maybe he finally hit puberty or something.

"Infinite Regress" - I really enjoyed seeing Seven smile and talk with a more "normal" voice. Beyond that, I didn't really care for the episode. If she did more than bite B'Elanna, I might have a different opinion.

"Nothing Human" - The creature looked ridiculous, which made it difficult for me to "feel" anything about B'Elanna's condition. And here they're able to basically create a second doctor in a matter of minutes. Janeway thinks of the idea in seconds, then Harry Kim is able to put together a doctor complete with a personality AND the ability to operate on someone AND go from the holodeck to the sickbay as needed. But...just a few episodes earlier, Harry tried, and tried, and tried to create a working version of the doctor and failed, and failed, and failed. But somehow here, he was able to successfully create a completely different doctor in a short time with pretty much no problems? Okay, okay, I'll look past all of that. So then, they create a CARDASSIAN, knowing that some of the crew are MAQUIS!!! At least create it with a human form or something! And after this, perhaps they should build a library of hologram "characters" who are medical specialists in specific areas? All of that aside, I thought this episode would have been more interesting if the Bajoran kid went behind everyone's back and deleted the character before he was able to finish treating the creature and B'Elanna. That would have added more purpose for this guest character. Then, the doctor would be forced to kill the creature to save B'Elanna, which would cause the alien ship to engage Voyager in battle. After the battle, the Bajoran is thrown in the brig. Tensions are rekindled between the Maquis and the Starfleet crews...that might have been interesting than the obvious choice of having the doctor delete the character when they were through with the operation.
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