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Re: Gravity - Review and Discussion Thread

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I always tend to think of "masculino-fascist" type of concepts as what you get when you have a right-winger embarrassed by their cherished reactionary illusions trying to sound leftish by trying to copy Marxism without ever, ever bothering to find out anything about it.

Then, when I see people trying to turn an internet post into a bloody shirt they wave around to inspire rage, I get queasy.

Material conditions determine ideas, not the other way around. There will never be any way to liberate humanity by persuading enough people to think differently. By now, every effort to do so betrays a commitment to backwards notions about souls and sin, however they may try to disguise them.
My feeling is that you're using a bulldozer to destroy an anthill. I could be wrong, but I think this feminist article is a parody. I'm almost certain.
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