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Re: Rewatching early DS9 knowing that Bashir is genetically enhanced

I don't think Bashir's early development makes any sense in the light of his genetic enhancement.

Distant Voices has to be the greatest offender. Here we explore Bashir's insecurities and subconscious. We see crewmembers who represent parts of his personality, yet no manifestation of his genetically enhanced side. We see a huge hangup about failing to become a tennis player, when he must have tanked that intentionally if he was genetically enhanced.

It also makes the fact that he was willing to play tennis against O'Brien just to pound him into the floor more suspect. (And speaking of that episode, when the ball was always going toward O'Brien, they think 'Something is wrong with the laws of probability' before they think 'Quark is trying to fix the match'?)

The only thing about Bashir that makes retroactive sense when you hear of this twist is his medical skills and the post-ganglionic fiber.
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