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Re: Crusade Question

Wait, what was that about Mages? I assume they "make" a technomage through just teaching someone. I'd guess some kind of apprentice system (a technomage chooses a pupil/successor and teaches them what they know) and eventually the person "graduates" (knowing technomages, probably in some weird ceremony) and is then an officially recognised technomage. I've never read any B5 book, although I know of the technomage books. I'll never get to read them because the first book is over $20 in the only place I could get it ( and I refuse to pay that much for any book, much less an over 12 year old tv tie in book (I wouldn't even pay that much for a Star Wars or Star trek book, with a B5 book by an author I've never heard of my max paying price would be about $2). I'm assuming thats the novels you mean when you say that novels connected the technomages to the shadows. It would be really weird if the technomages needed the shadows to "make" more mages, but I am kind of glad that idea never made it to TV. Not everything in the B5 universe needs to be connected to the shadows.

As for the Season Two thing, I would hope that we wouldn't see EarthGov/Earthforce getting taken over again. That was the most frustrating/annoying part of B5's storyline, the human race becoming collectively idiots and blindly following an obvious dictator. I mean, probably about 90% of all the humans in existence blindly followed this obvious tyranical government, including the always idiotic Earthforce (seriously, if there are more than about 20 Earthforce officers who aren't corrupt idiots I'd be shocked). The last thing the B5 universe needed was another crazy group taking control of the government/military.
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