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Re: What Are You Wearing?

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I agree, it's quite pretty!

Jewellery is not really my thing, even tho it's not uncommon in Italy for men to wear a ring or a gold chain necklace. I have a couple that I got as gifts when I was a boy, but I never actually wore them. I used to wear a leather cord necklace when I was younger (mostly in summer), but these days I don't really care about it.
I'm not big into jewelry either, and I have very little and wear even less. The ring in that picture is a pearl set in silver that my mother gave me, and I have a sapphire in silver that my dad gave me. I swap those out. I have a silver key I've worn around my neck for about 12 years, and I hardly ever wear other necklaces. I go through phases with earrings (I do have some amazing earrings, though: silver TARDISes, silver fibonacci spirals, Scrabble tile WTF/OMG earrings, etc). I just find too much jewelry feels in the way.

On men I don't really find too much jewelry attractive. I do like a piece or two here and there: I like rings -- simple, thick bands, not bling. I like a nice watch. Maybe an earring on the right guy. Maybe a bracelet on the right guy.

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Iguana: Yes, now you're bound to show your kilt picture. But what's an Italian guy doing with a kilt?
Showing off my legs, what else!

(I bought one in Inverness when I was in holiday in Scotland a few years ago. I am sure I already told the story how I asked for "the little bag that comes with it", only to have the very hairy and very offended clerk answer me with a growling "it's called a sporran!" )

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We're waiting.
The wait is over.

I have been told it's too short, so I probably need to wear it lower. But I'm just the kind of guy that could wear a mini-kilt. Dekerd notoriously called me a tart for that. I cannot really argue with it.
Dayamn, boy.

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