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Re: Anything that states canonically where the second door in TAS goes

We just had a topic on this. Start here: and read down.

It was pointed out in the other topic that the screencaps for "Beyond the Farthest Star" reveal the door to be a turbolift.

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On this page of screencaps from Beyond the Farthest Star, there is this shot, which gives about the best look there is inside the second door that I recall. As one of Filmation's infamous errors, the shot evidently lacks the door elements themselves, thus revealing what's back there.

Earlier on the same page of thumbnails, you can see McCoy and Scotty exiting the main turbolift.

A comparison of the backgrounds, in particular the colors and noting the presence of the silver stripe almost shoulder high, convinces me, at least, that the intent was for there to be a turbolift at the second exit, as established in the behind the scenes material that's out there.
I still prefer to think of it as Franz Jospeh depicted - access to the bathroom and stairs to deck 2.
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