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Re: What Are You Wearing?

Today it is raining, so it's a raincoat-over-hoodie day. Plus a rain hat I picked up from the north of England a few years ago.

I could do with a second hoodie. It can't be healthy, wearing the same one all the time.

Bork! wrote: View Post
Not wearing anything special now, but got my kilt yesterday. Here's the first pic of it on!

Gonna try and put it on more proper later today, i wear an actually proper shirt instead of my work shirt, and take some more pics of it with better lighting.
Yay, the famous kilt! Awesome stuff.

iguana_tonante wrote: View Post

I have been told it's too short, so I probably need to wear it lower. But I'm just the kind of guy that could wear a mini-kilt. Dekerd notoriously called me a tart for that. I cannot really argue with it.
I don't think that's too short at all, although with the impressively sized sporran I can see why people might suggest it's a little short. From my experience, the best guide for kilt length is that you should be able to flash a bit of kneecap while walking. The jacket and dark kneesocks combo goes brilliantly with the rest of the gear - I can imagine you striding down the streets of Aberdeen in all of that. If you can get hold of a skean dhu tucked underneath one of the stockings, that'll complete the awesomeness.
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