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Re: The Vampire Diaries & The Originals

I totally like the Originals better than VD. Most of my favorite characters left for the Originals.

I think both shows are doing better since they halved the cast. There were too many characters and some got the short shrift.

Right now the only thing keeping me watching VD is:
1. Catherine
2. The actor that plays Stefan seems to be having a ball as Silas.
3. I am intrigued by Caroline's new man.

I think it is because the storytelling is more adult. There is angst and drama but it is not teenage angst and drama. I can relate to it more (as much as anyone can relate to a show about rich supernatural beings), because it is not about high school or college.

Plus, the characters are not as whiny. I have noticed that Klaus and Becs have been more take charge and less woe is me. I can actually feel for them now because they are not constantly throwing pity parties of one.

Joseph Morgan is getting to give Klaus a greater range of emotions and Claire Holt is getting to play a Rebecca that is still vulnerable but not as openly needy. Haley is allowed to move out snark mode. Elijah has always been fabulous.

I actually like the new actresses playing Sophie and Cami. Marcel is intriguing and infuriating.

The only person I don't really care for is Davina. I hope she buys the farm soon.

Does anyone think that the "garden" is going to come back and bite Marcel in the butt? He has walled up/ confined vamps there for who knows how long. What happens when someone takes it into their head to set them all free?

I have not watched this week's VD. I will do so over the weekend.
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