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Re: New Star Wars animated show "Rebels" coming fall 2014

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Yea, but, I think Reverend is right, you'd need to show her potential via insight/empathy/perceptive of integrity, kinda things, or else it would be "Outta nowhere" 20+ years down the line (Or as early as when it's revealed in Original Trilogy).
Problem is that the more awesome you make her, the bigger her downgrade will be once Luke and Han enter the picture. Not only will she need to be rescued, she'll be the one sitting it out while the guys take care of everything. Next movie she'll just be the love interest and the last movie she'll essentially be the victim of an ill-concieved plan which results in what she's most recognizable as. A slave in a metal bikini to a giant slug. All you'll be doing is building up potential and squashing it.
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