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Re: What Are You Wearing?

Bork! wrote: View Post
^You are just insisting on teasing me aren't you?

Not wearing anything special now, but got my kilt yesterday. Here's the first pic of it on!

Gonna try and put it on more proper later today, i wear an actually proper shirt instead of my work shirt, and take some more pics of it with better lighting.
Dashing! I really dig the color choice!

iguana_tonante wrote: View Post
Looking good, Emher! I love kilts.

Do you realize that now I'm bound to share my kilt picture too, right?
We're waiting.
Bloody Green Shirt wrote: View Post
... (mostly)white underpants...

For me today, tweedy black trousers and a tweedy grey vest over a black lacy tank top. Black and tan shoes. Didn't have time to snap a pic this morning, but I will if I'm not too grumpy when I get home.

I am also wearing a new medic alert bracelet. I admit that passive stubbornness has kept me from wearing one for the past several years. I always felt they were cramping my style, they're kind of ugly, and always much too big. Just annoying overall. Recently, though, I've been experiencing more wobbliness and faint when my blood sugar drops -- and if I do pass out it's really only a matter of minutes, maybe a half hour till I'm dead. I figured I should suck it up and be mature and start wearing one again. I splurged on the sterling silver and custom chain, which helps because it's not as ugly and it actually fits my tiny wrist. I was pleasantly surprised at how many styles they offer these days!


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