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All of that said, I am pleased to announce that last Tuesday, I moved the recumbent stationary bike into the computer alcove in my house. I turned on an episode of Star Trek The Animated Series and began riding. In the past week, I've ridden 18 miles!
ETA: Today's ride was almost 6 miles!
That's pretty much how I get my primary calorie burner out of the way for an hour every day, six days a week - I installed my old laptop on a shelf in front of my treadmill! In this way, I catch up on whatever series, movies, anime, etc. I've been missing out on or can't find the time to watch due to real life. I find it almost completely removes any focus I'd otherwise place on actually running.

It's weird to say, but I've caught up and watched SO much more stuff by spending time on the treadmill.

I don't think it's weird. Heck, I checked out some anime at my local library and put it on. And yesterday morning I noticed my yoga pants were looser!
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