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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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If there's so much available space out there, that you can just move billions of people with no problem... why was Genesis specifically made to counter planetary overpopulation as Marcus herself said?
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Maybe Genesis was always intended to be a WMD and the proposal tape was only created to establish plausible deniability.
I think there maybe something to the WMD and plausible deniability angle. We saw way too many empty class-M worlds and probably countless more that haven't been discovered.

What was Starfleet's true intentions in regards to the Genesis device? Someone was approving requisitions for proto-matter.
I don't think its really necessary to postulate bad intentions re: genesis. We know for a fact that every major power has many habitable star systems, and we know that many uninhabited star systems still have already habitable planets, but that doesn't mean its necessarily redundant for the Federation to be researching better means of terraforming.

There are lots of different reasons that could make various colonization initiatives either more or less achievable. Many existing M class planets were probably in very poor locations. No one wants to live in the middle of a nebula that screws with all your sensors and communications. No one wants to live in an area completely surrounded by hostile species. No one wants to live on a planet whose environment is naturally extremely harsh compared to what they're used to. Even a colony which is simply really, really far away from the Federation could potentially have problems attracting settlers, whether there's anything actually wrong with it or not. So looking for ways to add more options in better locations makes sense.

Also, if the Federation is at all sensible, their colonization plans would consider long term population trends - trying to anticipate problems before they arise, rather than having to react to them while people are already suffering. The 'overpopulation' Genesis was hoped to counter may not even actually exist yet, but would be something more along the lines of politicians twenty years ago starting to worry about the effects of the looming retirement of the baby boomer generation.
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