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Re: Was the Star Trek 4 Ent-A bridge a redress of the Excelsior bridge

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In recent years, there has been a lot of retcon / print the legend revisionism about this (I think Meyer is guilty of it too), but the pink blood to avoid R rating biz is just horseshit, plain and simple.
Maybe... but I remember reading about it way back in '91 even before the movie came out. Correct or incorrect, it's not revisionism -- it goes all the way back to the beginning -- and I don't think it had anything to do with Rick Berman.
I'd be interested in seeing where you saw it back then. It wasn't in my CINEFEX piece or the CINEFANTASTIQUE coverage. Then again, those appeared after the film came out, and I'd imagine anything floating around about klingon blood color that appeared in print BEFORE the film's release would have been sheer speculation, not weighed down by facts or gravity boots.

(an example of the latter was when someone I worked with at a software production facility in Fremont insisted that the Klingons getting killed on Praxis were the result of a reshoot in the south Bay Area, between San Jose and Santa Cruz, a story I heard well before thanksgiving. As far as I know that was always BS, but there were a few folks shot on a big sheet of white material on a beach in Frisco for the establishing shot on the klingon prison planet.)
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