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Re: Lit nacelle trenches?

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So I'm considering some modelling, and the R2 1/350 Enterprise allows for lighting the nacelle trenches. Not really something I'm crazy to do, but I've read a bunch of people say that was the original intention of Gene and Matt. Some even say they wanted it blue, which to me sounds like B&B era revisionism. Is there any source to this? I can't seem to find it if there is.
A fair number of modermakers in Fan Art forum, and one of the best places to get info on the models is The RFP (Replica Prop Forum), but they only open registration for new members periodically.

My guess is there was never any intent to light the inboard grilles of the model's nacelles, especially since only one nacelle actually had the trench at all. The nacelles are hollow from just aft of the pylons to the end caps, so if they'd wanted lights in there they could've done so.
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