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Re: Star Trek: Renegades

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Well you should know first hand

HA HA Well, yes I got to see first hand (BTW, missed you the last week Tom).

Sadly, fan films are still all trying to top World Enough and Time. It remains the migh mark of fan films. OGAM didn't, STC certainly didn't. But Renegades has that potential. And in fact, with its budget and cast and crew, it really isn't a fan film. It really is a professionally done independent Star Trek.

Yeah it was tough to miss some of those days of the shoot, we had a crew of over 120 and a cast topping out at about 50 so it was certainly a good size production at a fully functional stage. The days were long and the nights short but worth every moment. The whole crew gelled together so well, several of us from the STOGAM days and so many new faces, many industry professionals. The way it was filmed and some of the great actor performances were amazing.

There were one or 2 things that probably could have been a little better (as mentioned in some comments) but overall it was wonderful time, yielding some great material. Now its on to 7-8 months of post-production and editing. We will be working on a new trailer as soon as possible.

We will also be selling many of the props used in the production, funds will go towards our 3 VFX teams to make the quality of the CGI as good as possible. Of course quality from Tobais Richter, Mike Struck and Chris Dawson speak for themselves.

It was great having you there Alec and so many others from Star Trek community who either helped or stopped by.
Does selling off your props means that there won't be any new episodes after this one?
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