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Re: Spock's Vocabulary

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I read somewhere that Nimoy had suggested that Spock should be on the verbose side not so much because of his being an intellectual than because Nimoy wanted to suggest that English (or Standard if you prefer) was a second language and so therefore he would have a tendency to use a trumped-up vocabulary (which often occurs with second language speakers who either are unaware or uncomfortable with using colloquialisms and the more common vernacular). Also explains why he never used any contractions.

Spock really set the stage for Mr. Data, Seven of Nine, and T'Pol. It's a Star Trek archetype: the serious-minded genius who speaks in formal grammar, does math in his head, and makes often-disdainful observations about humans from an outside (and implicitly superior) perspective.

Before Star Trek came along, this character type appeared in Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land (1961). I'm not sure if that's the first case we could think of.

The 1977 TV series Man From Atlantis is another example of the same type. The lead in that show spoke very much like Heinlein's protaganist.
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