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Re: New Aliens for a New Trek?

I thought the babes in the execrable "Jim's-bagging-them-two-at-a-time" scene matched a description I'd seen of the Cygnans, but it's non-canonical.

As for new aliens: it's more important to have genuinely new concepts for aliens than new designs. This is what always bugged me about the trajectory of the Klingons, which clearly illustrates a few fixed niches in the corpus of Trek aliens: the Klingons were initially avatars of the evils of dictatorship, then were re-designed and pushed into the "warrior culture" niche the Andorians had seemingly been initially conceived for, and then another species with more elaborate make-up -- the Cardassians -- had to be introduced to inhabit the Klingons' old vacated niche.

I personally would like to see a species -- if we want to stick with the old Trek formula of hanging a species' identity around a simple, vivid hook, which is not realistic but is dramatically understandable -- conceived around a philosophical dedication to comedy. Comedy as inky-dark as the void. (This is a variant on the anarchistic species idea I've batted around before.)
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