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Re: ENT Forum Get To Know You Thread Pt 2

Good Morning to all,

I have to say....I liked it. T'Pol is going to take some time for me to get used to but overall I enjoyed this show very very much. Couple of things I want to mention......I think Bakula is great as Capt. Archer...loved the line he said in the first ep to T'Pol about have no idea how much restraint I am using...he wanted to put her on her ass....loved it.
2nd...the guy who plays Trip is wonderful, I love his character he's very is, the guy with the accent, and I love the Doctor too.
For me, the scene that sealed the deal with in "Strange New World" when they all went to bed and Trip sensed something in his sleeping bag....Trip and the other guy proceed to have a fit over the scorpion....and then they go back and forth about how to get rid of it.....then, the camera flashes to T'Pol who is looking out at them from her tent....and you see the two guys through the window falling over each other....THAT is what I have been looking for since TOS.....that kind of stuff inbetween the serious stuff but at the same time doesn't distract the viewer...when I found myself laughing at them outloud....I knew this show was on to something....I"m not saying it's comparable to the TOS yet...but I see a chance. I really really enjoyed it. Also, loved the very suble Vulcan pinch by T'Pol....very nicely done. I hope they are going to start showing this in syndication.....I may be hooked.
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