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Re: Person of Interest Season 3

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Not a bad episode tonight--a bit predictable, except the ending. But, EESSH, the guest star actress was awful. At first I thought her voice had been dubbed over, but I realized she was just a very bad actress.
I love this show and I don't think I've ever watched an episode I didn't enjoy, until last night.

Agree. Kathleen Rose Perkins was not impressive at all, especially when she opened her mouth. It was like she was slow reading the script trying to pronounce each word correctly, you know lke teaching a little kid to read.

Reminded me of a Star Trek Deep Space Nine episode Paradise (

The actress that played Alixus (Gail Strickland) ...

Her voice was horrible. Made we look at the TV and say "is she doing this on purpose?"

You know, I thought I was the only one that was driven bonkers by Gail Strickland in that episode, but I guess not. Her voice modulated up and down in these peculiar and annoying ways. I agree with you, just a horrible voice.

Sad to say, but I also agree with you about this episode of PoI being the first true stinker in 3 seasons. The WAY too complicated scheme by the lawyer couple, the marring of the photo to clue Carter and Finch to the wife's true feelings , and our heroes being fooled WAY too easily. This was a standard episode from a lesser show, not a PoI episode, which are typically head and shoulders above this sort of tripe.

Still: Three seasons in and this is the first episode that felt subpar to me -- that's a pretty fine success ratio.
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