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Re: The Continuity and Serialization of Voyager

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^ I'm not sure what you're asking me for, but I've already compared it to series like Bone, The Mentalist, etc.

Two specific examples of other genre shows that also follow the Serialized Procedural formula are The X-Files - which is also a good example of how to strike a balance between the episodic and the serialized - and Fringe, which was a great show but veered more and more into the territory of heavy serialization as it went along and therefore moved away from what it was when it started out.
Do you think that X-Files or Fringe had worse continuity than Voyager?

There's a spectrum.

If Voyager is good, right there in the middle, then "relatively" what's bad and what's excellent?

For Voyager to be just good, then a lot of other shows have to be bad.
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