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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

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I wonder if they will feature Coldhands in this season and, if so, will they bring back the actor who played Benjen Stark in S1?
I suspect they'll run into Coldhands, yes. IIRC, they don't get far beyond the wall before running into him.

As for Benjen, I don't think it's been confirmed that he really is Coldhands, but I think most people agree that it probably is. Throughout Bran's interactions with him, however, Bran does not recognize him as such - I think his face is always hidden by a cloak hood or something - so they could theoretically get anyone of similar build to play Coldhands until his reveal in later seasons, once it is determined who he really is.
Yeah, I know it's not spelt out in the books that Coldhands is Benjen. I'm just curious as to whether the show-runners are in the camp that says he is and, if so, they bring back the original actor. I agree entirely with your post. It wouldn't bother me if someone else played the role (though others may feel differently).
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