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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

Just read Christopher Ransom's The Birthing House - mixed feelings about it. The atmosphere and spooky scenes are good, and there's some nice ideas about what could make a house haunted, but...

The main character's an asshole, the domestics are pretty much just "argue all the time because the story needs them to", the ending is unsatisfying, there's a number of bits that reference things that have been left out or not introduced yet in a way as if they had been mentioned... but worst of all is the bad sex scenes. Or, in one main memorable case, the bad masturbation scene. There's an award for that, you know...

So, mix of good and bad, alternating between impressing and disappointing me, or thrilling and pissing me off.

I may just not have been in the right mood for it, though, with Lesley having been unwell for a couple of weeks.
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