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These are the writers who wrote in the dialogue that the supernova threatened the galaxy, so I doubt it.
well, considering a supernova did threaten the galaxy, I don't see a problem. you may, but then id assume you have a problem with a lot of plot points in most of the trek films/television series.
If I told you I had even the vaguest understanding of how the above serves as a meaningful or appropriate response to my post, I'd be lying.

Since the writers invented a supernova that threatened the galaxy, Hobus does not have to be the sun of Romulus in order for Romulus to be threatened. Thus there is no indication that the writers "screwed up" on this point. "I doubt it" was not meant to be taken as an indication that I saw a problem; it was intended to mean that I did not.

-Brett- wrote:
If "hobus" is not Romulus's own primary, there should have been months at least from the time the star goes nova to the time Romulus is in any danger.
The fictional long-range supernova invented by the writers follows its own rules, just like fictional red matter black hole time travel does.
set, I apologize. I misunderstood your intentions. thanks for clearing that up.
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