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Yes I realize that the movie was based on the tv series based in the 60's. That doesn't mean it has to represent the values of that era.

I did a quick google of "Star Trek: Into Darkness females" and see quite a few posts from women who feel the same.

I think the worst part for me is that I felt like they made a half assed effort to give the women some kind of important role to try and cover the fact that they were 2 dimensional characters with no purpose. Blonde girl was meant to be a super smart weapons specialist but she neutralizes the torpedo by ripping out its wires (yea right). Uhara I don't know what she is meant to be but all she does is whine at Spock until the end when she is beamed down for 2 seconds and shoots Khan. It is just so lame.
Um, yeah, I guess you were asleep when Uhura volunteered to go out on the surface of Q'Nos and parley with the Klingon warriors ready to fill them all. <--- Yep, Uhura was real 'whiney' in that scene.

The other things that bugged me were, why are people still using laptops and mobile phones 300 years in the future. Why is there always a magic button in the midst of everything going to shit that if pressed saves everyone (this happened twice).
Yeah there were no PADDs in TNG...oh, wait... Also, there were plenty of 'magic particle fixes the situation in the last 30 seconds' of episodes of TNG/DS9 where they had spent the past 40 minutes trying to resolve the situation. Boy, you must hate TNG too.

If the core was out of alignment, why wasn't there some machine that could align it inside the core, without Kirk having to go in and kick it. His death scene was so cheesy I was rolling my eyes. And the dumbest part, the 911 reference at the end.
Um, why is the Galaxy Class Warp Core ejection system ALWAYS offline when they need it the most? -- especially in Generations - and a myriad of TNG episodes.

Hell, in STII:TWoK; why does Spock need to go in and manually reset the 'Mains'? Also, why is there NO OTHER engineer in the Main Engineering (aside from Scotty, who, while suited up in a radiation suit seems completely out of it -- UNTIL Spock enters the 'Mains' area (and I'm calling what was reset the 'Mains' as that what Scotty had to take offline.) <--- All this, yet I don't see STII:TWoK considered one of the worst Star Trek films.

worst star trek movie ever!
Hardly, that would either be:
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (And I say that as a TOS fan.)
Star Trek: Generations
Star Trek: Insurrection
Star Trek: Nemesis

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