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Re: The MIchael J. Fox Show

Yeah, safe is a good way to describe it. It doesn't really bring anything new to the already crowded sitcom table. And thinking on it some more, I think it would work better if they'd focus more on his job rather than his bland family. The whole concept of the show is him getting back to work, and the first episode showed promise, but 3 episodes in, it's hardly had any scenes at work, instead choosing to focus on his family and bringing up awkward situations such as the teenage girl painting her Mom. It really needs to find a way to balance things better. I know it's not Frasier, but I think it needs to learn a few things from it as that show had great balance to it.

Another thing is that Robin William's show has energy, something that this show lacks. Everyone sounds bored, and the confessionals aren't helping.

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