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Re: The Continuity and Serialization of Voyager

If VOY could have taken something from DS9, it should have been more recurring characters. Since there are no transfers like in the other shows, you're likely to bump into the same people and form some kind of bonding after going through an experience like VOY has gone through. By the end, the whole crew should have functioned less like Starfleet and more like a community.

There was Carey, but he was quickly forgotten and assumed dead by the writers for some reason. Wildman and Vorik would pop up, but they were just bland and usually only showed up once a season. One character I wish they had kept was Suder. He would have been VOY's Garak, and I like the idea of someone who committed an unforgivable crime trying to do what he can to make himself useful. He could never make up for what he did, but he won't stop trying. Such a shame he was killed off, as Brad Dourif was a huge bucket of win for VOY to get, but then thrown out because Jeri Taylor doesn't like shades of gray.
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