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Re: New Star Wars animated show "Rebels" coming fall 2014

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Leia's backstory is one of the great unaddressed questions in the franchise, at least for me. Maybe there's been a novel or two about it, but to me it's a blank slate, and one I'm interested in seeing filled in.
I doubt very much that anyone who's making this series thinks that Leia is the kind of character who can carry a show. An Arc maybe, but she wouldn't be the key player. More like someone who simply observes someone doing something awesome and becomes inspired. She's not a "plays by their own rules" scoundrel, she's not a "cool armor wearing bada**" like Boba Fett and she's not some prophesied chosen one who will save the galaxy. But most importantly, she's not a dude. Star Wars has and always will be dictated by dudes while the dudettes will be the emotional anchors that serve only for the dudes' benefit. Besides, it's a waste of story anyways since Luke pretty much tells Leia in Return of the Jedi that she's only useful to the Alliance if he dies. You're only going to further expand a character who's sole purpose is for the male hero's emotional state.
So, Asokha and Amidala were dudes? Who'da thunk it? Asohka was every bit the lead in The Clone Wars Animated Series that Anakin and Obiwan were, and Amidala was barely behind them
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