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Re: The Enemy of the World - Grading & Discuss

Above average!

This is definitely one of the better Troughton stories. Some of these older 6 parters can drag, but not this one! This was a fun and fast paced story.

Troughton was superb playing Salamander. Absolutely superb! Actually kind of chilling at points! And, I didn’t realize that he played it with a Mexican accent. Not sure that the accent is totally authentic, but it’s a very effective accent and really adds to him being a different character.

There were also some very strong guest characters, from the resistance to the Salamander's food taster, and the chef! Even the head of security who initially seemed 2D was well portrayed as the Doctor won him over.

The pllot was decent, a little thin at points in logic, but it was mostly a fun, fast moving story so you tended to overlook the gaps in logic and enjoyed the ride.

What a great find!

Mr Awe
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