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^ Okay, that's pretty clear, thanks.

Keeping in mind I've only watched ST09 a couple of times, and STID not at all; how is nuSpock's emotionalism explained? Vulcan's emotional control obviously extents back before 2233; or is that one of the things that was changed after the new timeline was created? If so, I missed the explanation.
First off: Look at "The Cage," which is set about four years before the 2009 movie (albeit in a different timeline). In that pilot episode, Spock smiles openly. In many of the early episodes, he's more overtly emotional than he later became. Maybe the younger Spock was just less controlled than he became later in life. A lot of people seem to overlook that these movies are depicting younger versions of the characters than the ones we saw in TOS. The time frame of the Abrams movies is about halfway between "The Cage" and "Where No Man Has Gone Before." ("The Cage" was 2254, WNM was 2265, and the movies have taken place mainly in 2258-60.)

Second: Spock saw his mother and his whole planet die right in front of him. It should be self-evident why he would be, in his elder self's words, "emotionally compromised" after such a horrific tragedy.
I can certainly appreciate the explanation in your second point - you're right, that would affect any being and I hadn't considered that angle. Whether it would lead to a permanent emotional change is debatable though. Personally, I think it was the writers' idea to create interest and put butts in seats.
As for your first point, while accurate, I tend to dismiss Spock's early (and inconsistent) emotions as merely character development - the creative team's doing, not the character's flaws. And I don't mean that as any fault - it's quite natural to have growning pains in a new series like that.
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