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Re: TV version of Wrath of Khan available?

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I think I'm probably in the minority as I MUCH prefer the theatrical version of this classic film. I was gratified it chosen for release on Blu-ray, colour timing issues aside.
Although, to be sure, the theatrical version wasn't really chosen for the current Blu-Ray release because it's necessarily "superior" to the Director's Cut in any fashion (or "worse" either, for that matter).

It's more that the release represents the time-dishonored tradition of the studios putting out near-barebones versions of theatrical editions, followed later by "deluxe" Director's Cut (or multiple-cut) releases down the road.

It's simply Paramount giving itself "multiple bites at the apple," as it were, and is the exact same strategy that they used back in 1998-99 for the initial, barebones DVD releases.
Although it's also worth noting that these movies were first released on Blu Ray nearly five years ago, and the exact same discs have now been re-released multiple times since, without even the slightest hint that Paramount is in any way interested in revisiting any of them for "deluxe" editions.

I honestly don't think it'll happen either. Not on Blu Ray anyway. I reckon the next time they do revisit these movies it will only be for NetFlix or some other online distribution medium. The days where optical media are still profitable will not, I think, continue for very much longer. At least not long enough for Paramount to consider taking that "second bite of the apple".
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