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Re: Star Trek: Starships Model/Magazine Subscription

Interesting way to store the magazines. They try to limit any damage or necessitate the use of a three-ring hole punch. Unfortunately, it's easy to turn up the paper at the spine a little bit when you're trying to push the pins through. Cool concept though.

I'm finding that I'm not as disappointed with the refit as I thought I would be. Yes, it has those blue intakes on the nacelles and it's lacking in aztecking, but as a model itself it is really quite good. And the Enterprise-D is absolutely fantastic in almost every way. I'm personally leaving them all in their original packaging (it sometimes sucks to be a collector) but that's okay, I can see most of the detail.

I am surprised by how "dark" the paint palette is in reality. The photos in all the magazines and in various locations around the web really made these things look lighter, almost white, than they really are. Not a bad thing, really, just surprising.

And the magazines are high-quality glossy heavy-weight paper. They really did an amazing job on this series. So glad I got in at the start of it.
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