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Re: Was Sisko a Javert

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If he brought a hammer to discipline a naughty child then he was a Javert. If he used the same tactics as his Eddington and played the villain then he was what happens when you decide to go around Bio nuking worlds.
Sisko should've been sharing a cell with Eddington over that.
Good point...but I can easily see why this was ignored by the higher ups.


Starfleet Intelligence officer- Oh look , apparently Sisko used a bio mass weopen on a Marquis settlement.

Starfleet Admiral - The Marquis, the Federation colonist?

Starfleet Intelligence officer - Ah no, sir . Apparently the Marquis are a resistance movement made of former Federation colonist.

Starfleet Admiral - So not Federation?

Starfleet Intelligence officer- No sir, in fact they stole Federation supplies, attacked and crippled a Federation ship and nearly caused a war.

Starfleet Admiral- Still, just going in without warning and bio nuking a planet..

Starfleet Intelligence officer - Actually Siskio warned them first, which is funny cause the day previously the Marquis poisoned a Cardarssian colony and shot at and crippled refugees escaping said attack. In that attack there was no warning.

Starfleet Admiral - Hmmmm, stole our resources. Attacked our ships. And bought to heel by our last ,best defence against the Dominion.

Starfleet Intelligence Officer - Yeah, its a bit grey

Sloan ( Section31 )- Not really , I wouldn't have bothered with a warning.


I know that Big Gene kind of handed the Federation the kick me sign by declaring that it's a Utopia filled with flawless persons with enlightenment and moral superiority shining out the ass. But in Ds9 , Starfleet was shown to be a bit more realist in terms of actions needed and taken.
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