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Re: USA and UK surviving into the Trek era

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It's not clear how much direct democracy is really needed in the 24th century.
Certainly by the 24th century, much of modern day, day to day, bureaucracy will be gone, replaced with computer information systems.

The citizen populace will decide on general policies and guidelines for the government. Direct democracy.

The elected officials and remaining bureaucracy will figure out how to implement these policies and guidelines, and also be there as well to make fast decisions in emergency situations.

If that were the case, things like USA and UK might only exist if they are useful for administrative purposes, but might have no political existence.
Countries are not simply their governing mechanisms, they are groups of people who have shared common experiences and possess a national identity. A common culture, ethnicity, descent, and history.

So when considering the OP's question of "USA and UK surviving into the Trek era," it isn't solely a question of whether these countries governments will still be there. Will the countriesas nations still exist?

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