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Re: Are communicators and tricorders anachronistic now?

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Look at it this way: if smartphone technology were the answer, don't you think today's soldiers on the battlefield would simply trade in their radios for smartphones?
A smart phone falls from a coffee table on to a carpet and it breaks. In Afghanistan, my brother once had a field radio fall three stories to a concrete sidewalk and it worked just fine.

And in "Contagion", there was a major plot point that the Enterprise-D's computer system was actually a mainframe.
Server farm.

This would eliminate the need for starships, starbases and a space armada.
It would also eliminate the "need" for an audience. Karl Urban's new police show "Almost Human" has his character paired with a robot cop (yes, this again). If it was a show with just robot cops I doubt too many people would watch it.

I kind of like the idea of a Pride Parade thru the bridge
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