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Re: 50th Is "The Day Of The Doctor" (And Is 75 Minutes)

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Didn't he say exactly that about "The Name Of The Doctor"? Yawn.
Moffat trots out similar quotes on a regular basis. "The Impossible Astronaut" two-parter was supposed to be game-changing. "A Good Man Goes to War" was supposed to be game-changing. "The Wedding of River Song" was supposed to be game-changing. To the fan audience, steeped in genre television and its conventions, they're not especially game-changing.

But to the Not-We audience that the series is pitched at, those episodes are game-changing. The Doctor is killed, that's a big deal. Amy and Rory's daughter is River Song, that's a big deal. The Doctor wipes himself out of history, that's a big deal.

When Moffat talks "game-changing," he's not talking to us. He's talking to the audience that tunes in a few times a year and on Christmas Day. And for that audience, "The Day of the Doctor" will be a game-changing experience, whatever that experience is.
I think you're right, although that doesn't stop things impacting on us. Even though I'd been spoiled about River being Amy's daughter, that scene still gives me chills no matter how many times I watch it. me naive, but I actually really think he means it this time...
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