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Re: Fact-Checking Inside Star Trek: The Real Story

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I'm probably on record around here at least a dozen times defending Herb Solow and Bob Justman's making-of book, Inside Star Trek: The Real Story, as the best book about the production of the original series currently out there. Having said that, the book is far from infallible. I thought it might be interesting to use the knowledge base of the posters here to ferret out all the mistakes
I don't know if one can rightfully claim these are "mistakes" per se as if there is one ultimate, absolute, almighty truth. People have different perspectives and recollections. For example, Sandy Courage's more recent recollection could have low key and matter-of-fact, but that does not rule out that at some point prior he may have expressed some degree of ire regarding Roddenberry's handling of the theme and those awful lyrics.

Remember, the book mentions Roddenberry did also try to squeeze money from Nimoy's recording career during the Trek years (as confirmed by Nimoy) yet made no such demand from Nichelle Nichols (as confirmed by her).

It is sort of like taking the book to task for its sarcastic statement of how Shatner hadn't won an Emmy for his acting yet a few years after publication he did (twice).
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