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I used to make tribbles. In fact, the Star Trek club I was part of back in the '80s and '90s was run along the lines of a starship. We did it with a campy twist, however: The person who was Captain also had to hold the post of Assistant Tribble Keeper (nobody ever talks about what happened to the Chief Tribble Keeper; it's classified). One year at the annual summer convention we all attended, some of us decided to play a joke on our Captain. We secretly sewed a few dozen tribbles of various sizes and colors, and made arrangements with some mutual friends in the SCA (quite a few of the Calgary SCA branch also attended the SF convention) to help out.

The idea was that wherever our Captain went throughout the hotel that weekend, there would be someone nearby to hand him a tribble. Since he was the Assistant Tribble Keeper, he was obliged to hold on to them. It didn't stop when the day's panels and other activities stopped; his roommates put tribbles everywhere, including a blue one in the drinks cooler!
I was hoping you were going to say you managed to stuff a bunch in an overhead bin he needed to open.
No such luck . The aforementioned blue tribble was found guzzling his wine cooler, though. It was blue because of all the ice, poor cold little guy!
"Let's give it to Riker. He'll eat anything!"

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