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Re: James Cawley returns to NV as Kirk!

I'm with Maurice on this. Being a stage actor myself I'd assume, Mr. Cawley knows how to handle a live audience. Of course, there's almost never a boo amongst them - more some kind of less applause. The negative critics voice themselves afterwards - or in advance - through the media, as always. So nothing new there for each of us.

I would ask you, Mr. Cawley, or better, urge you to do YOUR thing. If you wish to have fun with your friends during shooting days - and in a role YOU defined for NV/P2 - why should you listen to ANYONE? Do it, have fun, we'll watch! Don't let your dreams or wishes be destroyed by one or two negative voices out here, in the forum djungle? You KNOW, 99% of your viewers like or LOVE what you do for us. So - be it!

And why there even is a discussion about about "Competition" looses me completely. IDIC on fan film levels. Some like it, some don't. That there have been made mistakes regarding getting along with each other is something that has happened before, might happen again in the future - that's human nature!

When there's a forum, there'll always be a troll!

Do it, James! You're not done playing Captain Kirk, yet! I believe in you as you should believe in your dream!

Greetings from Platjenwerbe, Germany!
Per Krutke
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